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Variable Voltage/Wattage

Variable Voltage/Wattage eCigs

Switching from usual cigarettes to electronic ones can open you a whole different world of taste, smell, and safe environment. With using e-cigarettes you don’t harm your health and the health of people near you.

Either you have just switched to e-cigarettes or are an advanced an experienced user already, you should know some peculiarities of this devices.

It is all about the taste. You can use so many kinds of different e-juices to satisfy your taste and choose different setting for the same purpose.

So What Variable Voltage/Wattage eCigs Give You

Again, it’s all about taste and your preferences. Both variable wattage and variable voltage eCigs are created to make the taste better – they control the amount of heat at the coil in the atomizer, which changes your vaping experience.

Using electronic devices for smoking gives you an opportunity to choose so many different tastes: with or without nicotine, flower or fruit taste and so many others. Using eCigs with variable voltage or wattage can change the intensity of taste and vapor according to your preferences. You want more nicotine? Then turn the voltage/wattage up! More taste or less taste according to your preferences? Change the eCig variable voltage or wattage settings.

It is very easy, so just read the manual to your electronic cigarette and play with taste as you like. Our web site presents a lot variable voltage/wattage devices for you to choose from.

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