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Battery & Passthrough

An e-cig power supplier is designed to provide power for the atomizer to heat the e-liquid. Power suppliers of the vaping world can be sorted into the following three types.


A battery is the most basic power supplier for an e-cig. It stores power after charging itself and discharges to heat the atomizer. The criteria of a good battery are high output voltage and big capacity.


When you are away from the power source, a battery is good; but when you stay around it, a passthrough is better. The passthrough of an e-cig uses a power source, such as a computer, other than the power stored in it like that in a battery to heat the atomizer, so the vaper does not have to wait for it to be charged to use.

3.Battery MOD

A battery MOD consists of two parts — the body and the lithium battery, so the vaper can choose to replace just one part when either of them is out of work or he can purchase different bodies without having to buy a pile of useless batteries at the same time.

One thing worth notice is that the battery has to be compatible with its charger, or it may be destroyed. For detailed matching guide of a specific battery, please visit its page on our website.

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