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eGo Series

eGo starter kit, derived from the classical 510 starter kit, shares the same cartridge system and atomizer model with 510 and the only improvement is that the battery capacity is bigger now and an atomizer cover is adopted to match the battery.

What eGo T starter kit is to Joye eGo starter kit is as what 510 T starter kit is to its older version Joye 510 starter kit. eGo T, as an upgraded version of eGo, applies the cleaner tank system, which has abandoned the filler in the cartridge, and accordingly the atomizer of eGo T is changed into the 510 T atomizer. What’s new in eGo T is also that the atomizer and its cover are integrated into one part instead of those in eGo which are detachable.

Succeeding the popular eGo T starter kit is eGo C starter kit, the more customizable version. eGo C differs from eGo T only in that the atomizer coil becomes changeable and its battery is equipped with a power indicator.

All the three products share the same threading, so apart from the atomizer and cartridge/tank other parts are interchangeable among them, such as batteries, USB chargers, holders and carriers.

eGo Series Filter

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