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eGo T

eGo T Cigarettes – New Horizon of Taste

New type of electronic cigarettes from EcigWarehouse Ltd is now available on the market. All the useful and handy features of original eGo are present in the new eGo T but there also are some advantages.

What’s New in eGo T?

  1. Pure and clean taste
  2. No filler and more sanitary
  3. Easy to refill
  4. E-juice is visible

The biggest change in eGo T is the e-juice filling system. There is a cartridge with a filler to hold e-juice in original eGo, while the new type has just a clean tank cartridge with no filler to hold.

Battery: Is It Any Different

The battery of eGo T has not changed almost at all. We still have the same battery capacities: 650mAh, 900mAh, 1100mAh. But there are some changes in the way it switches on. Some users have complains about uncontrolled switching on of eGo cigarettes. Now the problem is completely solved: to switch the cigarette on/off you have to press the manual switch 5 times. New 5 seconds protection stands on the outlook of your battery charging.

eGo T atomizer and colors

Electronic cigarettes eGo T have cone-shaped (type A) and cylinder-shaped (type B) atomizers. Both have regular resistance (2.2ohm) and 1.8ohm low resistance atomizers.

There are several color solutions: austere style for business people in white, black, titanium, and stainless; colorful and bright cigarettes in blue, pink, red, purple, copper, and green.

Tank Cartridges

We have: small one for 1.1 ml – type A; big one 2.0 ml – type B. They are available in several colors – black, clear, blue, pink, and red. Remember that cartridge of type A will fit only type A atomizer, while cartridge of type B – only type B atomizer.

To charge your brand new electronic cigarette you need Joye ego USB mega charger, Universal AC-USB adapter / Joye flat mini USB wall adapter, PCC for eGo/eGo T.

As usual, you can find a perfect case for your cigarette in our store. It is suitable to hold 4 cigarettes, 5 cartomizers, adapters and chargers.

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